joi, 15 august 2013

The Adjustment Bureau

"- Hello! Frustrating, isn't it? My name is Thompson.
 - Whatever happened to free will?
 - We actually tried free will before. After taking you from hunting and gathering to the height of the Roman Empire, we stepped back to see how you would do on your own. You gave us the Dark Ages
for five centuries, until finally we decided we should come back in. The Chairman thought that  maybe we just needed to do a better job with teaching you how to ride a bike before taking the training wheels off again. So, we gave you the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, scientific revolution.
For 600 years we taught you to control your impulses with reason. Then in 1910, we stepped back again. Within 50 years, you had brought us World War I, the Depression, Fascism, the Holocaust, and capped it off by bringing the entire planet to the brink of destruction in the Cuban missile crisis. At that point a decision was taken to step back in again before you did something that even we couldn't fix. You don't have free will, David. You have the appearance of free will.
 - You expect me to believe that? I make decisions every day.
 - You have free will over which toothpaste you use or which beverage to order at lunch. But humanity just isn't mature enough to control the important things.
 - So, you handle the important things?
 - The last time I checked, the world is a pretty screwed-up place.
 - It's still here.
 - If we had left things in your hands, it wouldn't be."

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